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This site has been owned by The Lone Gunman since January 20, 2010

It seems that Craig Staats' arrogance and ineptitude have once again surfaced because he and his website designer, Jim "Beauford" Smith, chairman of the
Richland Township Community-Police Liaison Board never checked to see if this domain name was taken!

Thanks to their epic fail, they have given me the opportunity to inform the voters of Richland Township that this is the time to show your disgust with the regime that
has controlled this township for over a decade.

On election day, November 8th, do not vote for Staats, but rather write-in a vote for the candidate of your choice.  If you have none, then do not vote for Richland Supervisor.


Do we really need six more years of a "Do Nothing Follower" in office?
On another related note, Dwight "Mitch" Anderson, candidate for QCSD Region 3, has hired Richard Woldow of the Q-Mart as legal counsel regarding the student
work he removed illegally from QCSD.
Vote McCandless for Region 1 and Mosley/Cattie for Region 3

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Check back often as new information will be added as it comes in...  Email:  OutWithOrloff@gmail.com
Contact Craig with your disgust at 215-536-3344